Glimmers of My Journey Thusfar


I left the Sun and Surf of Southern California for UC Berkeley in pursuit of higher education, depth, culture, diversity and the sense of Social Justice and alternative lifestyles I had witnessed as a child while visiting San Francisco.  I was instantly at home and blissfully took in all that Berkeley and the Bay Area had to offer.  I have been a Northern California girl ever since.  I make my home in the dramatic coast of Half Moon Bay with Pumpkins, Alpacas, and Mavericks.  After college I fell into a wonderful opportunity with an educational software company run by CAL Alumni.  While I knew technology was not my life’s calling, it was a welcome change after waitressing and cocktailing my way through college.  It was the early 90s and the height of the World Wide Web craze when everything seemed possible.  I quickly found my way into the buzz of the “dotcom” world, working at a few very exciting start-ups with brilliant entrepreneurs.  It truly was the thrill of a lifetime.  
And… then love happened.  Falling head over heels in love and making babies I found myself daydreaming one day of my baby while giving an “oh so important ad serving software presentation’ at a Web Advertising conference I’d been so excited to attend; it now meant nothing.  I realized my “dotcom” career was over.  My inner Earth Mama was born.   I had the blessing of giving birth to both of my boys at home and I completely dove in motherhood and Attachment Parenting.  I became the ultimate natural earth mama, washing my handmade gorgeous colorful felted wool diapers and all.  Becoming a mother has been the greatest joy of my life.  
I became a childbirth Doula and educator and spent the next 10+ years deeply involved with the homebirth community, supporting friends and families during the childbearing years and raising my own children.
As my children grew, my other dreams found their way back into my Heart and Soul.  In my early 30s I experienced a severe existential crisis, Spirtual Emergence/ Emergency, which sent me into an unbearably painful and terrifying year.  When I gratefully finally emerged from this crisis, my search for understanding, grounding and integration led me to the knowing that it was time to follow my childhood dream of being a therapist and “healer.”  After a year of completing pre-requisites for the Somatics program by returning to massage school, I began graduate school at the CIIS.  I underestimated the challenge of graduate school while raising two boys, being an active member in my community and maintaing a loving healthy relationship with my partner, not to mention friendships and extended family.  Whew!  While I admit this has been a long long challenging road, I am so happy to now be following my life path.  I love my work and feel truly blessed to do this Sacred Soul work with my clients.  
I am grateful beyond words to Scott Balderson and all of my supervisors, colleagues, clients, professors, family, in-laws, my Tribe, my many wise wacky friends and most importantly my ever-loving supportive husband and my two sons, who are my greatest teachers.  I love to share my heart and know the heart of others, snuggle, paddleboard, hike, bike, cook, dance, knit, laugh, play, adore the Divine in All, make magic, journey into the underworld, ascend into the aethers and delight in being Alive.

In Eternal Gratitude…

I honor and offer a special acknowledgement to all of my incredible Mentors, Healers, Muses, Lovers, Teachers and Guides both in the physical and spiritual realms… I love doing my work in the world with the solid energy and support of so much love, wisdom, encouragement behind me.  Thank you…

... an incomplete list

Blessed Be~


 * Photo credit, Andrew Keller