Full Moon Ritual ~ Union of Anima and Animus

~ Calling back lost pieces of Our True Self ~

A Marriage of the Divine Feminine and Masculine


A playshop in the format of a Full Moon Ritual

When: Wednesday, November 28, 2012. 7:00 – 9:30 pm
Where: Montara, California
Why: To Integrate, Celebrate and Honor our Divinity 
What: An intimate playful circle
Who: Facilitated by Nadine Keller, MA, MFTI 
Somatic Psychotherapist
How: nadine.b.keller@gmail.com, 650-219-9395

If you are interested, please contact me as space will be very limited. I will also need to send you a little more information that you can ponder before our evening together.

Suggested Donation $13 for Sacraments and Anointing Oils

Feel free to pass this invitation on to anyone you feel may be interested.

Dearest Beloveds,

In turning back the clocks in the changing of Seasons as the Darkness of the Winter falls upon us, it feels like the perfect time to gather under the moon and consciously bring light to what we want to let go of in our lives and what we wish to call in. 

Full Moon energy is a perfect time for letting go as the brightness and energy of the moon builds and builds…. and in that letting go, what are we calling in? This next full moon on November 28 is also a lunar eclipse, a prenumbral lunar eclipse . From what I understand of a prenubral lunar eclipse, it is actually not visible to the eye in the same way that a total or partial lunar eclipse might be. Certain cultures who celebrate and honor lunar eclipses actually do not even acknowledge a prenumbral eclipse for lack of this outer visibility. This got me thinking… what also happens within ourselves which may be invisible to the outer eye, and yet is undoubtedly at work within our lives and worth celebrating and honoring…

For myself, one of the greatest journeys within is the integration of Shadow and Light, of Feminine and Masculine. Some of you know that I recently opened up a private practice internship in San Francisco after a journey of over 7 years of graduate school, internships, supervision, groups, trainings, workshops, mentorships, healings of all sorts…. I could go on and on. As I move forward with my work both professionally and in the unfolding of my own path I am thrilled to be integrating all aspects of my journey into full fruition to offer my clients. A realization I had about this was that this journey into psychotherapist and healer began from the time I was a child and in love with the ritual of the Latin Mass and yet longed for something else as well, another way to taste the Divine, honor Nature and the Sacredness of Life. Thus the Seeker was born within me. My path it has been a dance of back and forth in my training between East ~West, Traditional ~Alternative, Dark~ Light, Feminine ~ Masculine, Interpersonal ~ Intrapersonal, Individual ~ Group, Inner ~ Outer…. you get the picture. 

In the spirit of honoring and celebrating the birth of my work in gathering all the pieces of myself and my rich learnings over the last 25 years, this will be a “playshop” in the format of ritual in which participants will have the opportunity to embrace the light of our shadow aspects, and gather the pieces of our masculine and feminine archetypes we wish to call upon in the form of an Inner Union. Another way to look at this from a psychological point of view might be: What aspects of the “other” do you look for in a partner to complete or fill you? What in your partner and in others repel you and are you not willing to look at and embrace in compassion within yourself?

Let’s throw it all in the fire and burn away that which no longer serves us and gather up that which we desire, bringing harmony of any opposing parts in a ritual of Inner Union. The format of a small group playshop allows for expanded witnessing and healing that can occur in community, inspiring us to feel more connected to the larger Web of Life. Let’s Play!

I look forward to entering into the Depths with you.

In lak’ech, 


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  1. Seth Rice August 4, 2013 at 6:22 pm #

    Plato’s dualistic view asserted that materiality or nature is associated with femaleness, and spirituality or higher reasoning with maleness. He believed that men could perform all tasks better than women, and that the highest form of love was between men. The essential functions of women were to run the households and to produce heirs. Aristotle’s understanding of reality linked dualities such as spirit-matter, mind-body, reason-nature, light-dark, active-passive, hard-soft, good-bad, and ultimately male-female. The first concept in each of these dualities is superior, relates to males, and is considered a masculine quality, while the latter word is inferior, relates to females, and is referred to as a feminine attribute.

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