Poetry: An Invocation to a Muse

Divine Tara
Breathe thru me
rising up from the depths once again
So many years ago you came to me…
in many forms
a dancing reverie
you were so present 
so alive
it overwhelmed
I fell to floor at the sight of you
watching you dance over me
in me, with me, thru me
I dreamt of you 
captivating piercing gaze 
blazing straight to my core
you would not let me sleep
you enchanted me with your hands
they beckoned me with mudras
I searched and searched to find your hands
a book evoked a distant memory
Human and Divine
you enticed me into healing waters
I bathed with Goddesses
under a fig tree
I danced with Goddesses
barefoot on the Earth
we offered our praise to you
our songs, our gifts
21 dances of Tara
“I am endless compassion 
Om Tare Tutare Ture Soha”
I put you aside…
you re-emerged
birthing thru me as Mother, teacher
a guide between worlds
and now I wish to dance with you
more intimately
once again
just you and i
i in you
you in i
~ me
Blessed be!
Dream Image
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